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content: Articles-Current Issues
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Prevalence and Years of Life Lost due to Disability from Dental Caries among Children and Adolescents in Western China, 1990-2015
Author:WANG Zhuo, DENG Ying, LIU Shi Wei, HE Jun, JI Kui, ZENG Xin Ying, YANG Shu Juan, XU Xin Yin, LUO Yu, ZHOU Mai Geng, and ZHANG Jian Xin page:701-707
Temporal Trend in Lung Cancer Burden Attributed to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter in Guangzhou, China
Author:LIAO Yu, XU Lin, LIN Xiao, and HAO Yuan Tao page:708-717
Rapid and Accurate Sequencing of Enterovirus Genomes Using MinION Nanopore Sequencer
Author:WANG Ji, KE Yue Hua, ZHANG Yong, HUANG Ke Qiang, WANG Lei, SHEN Xin Xin, DONG Xiao Ping, XU Wen Bo, and MA Xue Jun page:718-726
Association between Phthalate Exposure and the Use of Plastic Containers in Shanghai Adults
Author:DONG Rui Hua, ZHANG Han, ZHANG Mei Ru, CHEN Jing Si, WU Min, LI Shu Guang, and CHEN Bo page:727-736
Periconceptional Folic Acid Supplementation in Chinese Women: A Cross-sectional Study
Author:YAN Jing, ZHENG Yu Zhi, CAO Lu Jia, LIU Yu Yan, LI Wen, and HUANG Guo Wei page:737-748
Night Sleep Duration and Risk of Cognitive Impairment in a Chinese Population: A Cross-sectional Study
Author:SONG Qiao Feng, LIU Xiao Xue, HU Wan Ning, HAN Xiao Chen, ZHOU Wen Hua, LU Ai Dong, WANG Xi Zhu, and WU Shou Ling page:749-757
Association between BMI and Dental Caries among School Children and Adolescents in Jiangsu Province, China
Author:LI Wei, Taha Hussein Musa, GAO Rong, LI Xiao Shan, WANG Wei Xiang, HONG Lei, and WEI Ping Min page:758-761
Potential Effects of Desalinated Seawater on Arteriosclerosis in Rats
Author:DUAN Lian, ZHANG Li Xia, ZHANG Shao Ping, KONG Jian, ZHI Hong, ZHANG Ming, LU Kai, and ZHANG Hong Wei page:762-766
Contribution of 3CD Region to the Virulence of Enterovirus 71
Author:LI Jing, GAO Feng, HAO Shu Bin, CHENG Dong, ZHANG Wen Qiang, LIN Bin, ZHAO Li, YU Xue Jie, WANG Zhi Yu, and WEN Hong Ling page:767-771
A Genetic Susceptibility Study of Lung Cancer Risk Potentially Associated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Inhalation Exposure
Author:LIN Nan, MU Xin Lin, WANG Gui Lian, REN Yu Ang, TANG De Liang, WANG Bin, LI Zhi Wen, SU Shu, KAN Hai Dong, and TAO Shu page:772-776
Occupational Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Associated with Diesel Motor Operation in an Air-raid Shelter in June 2015, Jinan City, China—An Epidemiological Investigation
Author:CUI Liang Liang, ZHOU Jing Wen, GENG Xing Yi, LI Xin Wei, LIU Zhong, George A. Conway, and ZHANG Ji page:777-781
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