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content: Articles-Current Issues
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Repeatability and Reproducibility of Quantitative Assessment of the Retinal Microvasculature Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Based on Optical Microangiography
Author:ZHAO Qi, YANG Wen Li, WANG Xiao Na, Ruikang K Wang, YOU Qi Sheng, CHU Zhong Di, XIN Chen, ZHANG Meng Yu, LI Dong Jun, WANG Zi Yang, CHEN Wei, LI Yi Feng, CUI Rui, SHEN Lin, and WEI Wen Bin page:407-412
An Experimental Study on the Optimal Timing for the Repair of Incomplete Facial Paralysis by Hypoglossal-facial ‘Side’-to-side Neurorrhaphy in Rats
Author:WANG Bin Bin, ZHANG Shao Dong, FENG Jie, LI Jun Hua, LIU Song, LI De Zhi, and WAN Hong page:413-424
Prevalence of Undernutrition and Related Dietary Factors among People Aged 75 Years or Older in China during 2010-2012
Author:LIU Zhen, PANG Shao Jie, MAN Qing Qing, WANG Jing Zhong, ZHAO Wen Hua, and ZHANG Jian page:425-437
Association of Dietary Carotenoids Intake with Skeletal Fluorosis in the Coal-burning Fluorosis Area of Guizhou Province
Author:LIU Jun, YANG Sheng, LUO Ming Jiang, ZHAO Xun, ZHANG Yuan Mei, and LUO Ya page:438-447
Risk of Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Patients with Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis: A Case-control Study in China
Author:JIN Yan, FAN Jing Guang, PANG Jing, WEN Ke, ZHANG Pei Ying, WANG Huan Qiang, and LI Tao page:448-453
Association between IgG N-glycans and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Han Chinese
Author:ZHAO Zhong Yao, LIU Di, CAO Wei Jie, SUN Ming, SONG Man Shu, WANG Wei, and WANG You Xin page:454-458
A Retrospective Study of Culture-confirmed Mycobacterial Infection among Hospitalized HIV-infected Patients in Beijing, China
Author:ZHAO Xiu Ying, ZENG Zhao Ying, HUA Wen Hao, YU Yan Hua, GUO Cai Ping, ZHAO Xiu Qin, DONG Hai Yan, LIU Jie, and WAN Kang Lin page:459-462
Validation of the China-PAR Equations for Cardio-cerebrovascular Risk Prediction in the Inner Mongolian Population
Author:ZENG Ni Mei, ZHENG Xiao Wei, PENG Hao, JIAO Yang, LI Hong Mei, ZHANG Ming Zhi, WANG Ai Li, and ZHANG Yong Hong page:463-466
MMP Inhibitor Ilomastat Improves Survival of Mice Exposed to γ-Irradiation
Author:LI Xiao Man, TAN Yong, HUANG Chun Qian, XU Meng Chuan, LI Qian, PAN Dong, ZHAO Bao Quan, and HU Bu Rong page:467-472
Association between the HOTAIR Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Lead Poisoning in a Chinese Population
Author:CHEN Lin, ZHAO Qiu Ni, QIAN Xiu Rong, ZHU Bao Li, DING En Min, WANG Bo Shen, ZHANG Heng Dong, and YANG Hong page:473-478
Emerging New Phylogenetic Groups of Rabies Virus in Chinese Ferret Badgers
Author:MIAO Fa Ming, CHEN Teng, LIU Ye, ZHANG Shou Feng, ZHANG Fei, LI Nan, and HU Rong Liang page:479-482
Facile Synthesis of the Magnetic Metal Organic Framework Fe3O4@UiO-66-NH2 for Separation of Strontium
Author:YIN Liang Liang, KONG Xiang Yin, ZHANG Yao, and JI Yan Qin page:483-488
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