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content: Articles-Current Issues
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The Serum Exosome Derived MicroRNA-135a, -193b, and -384 Were Potential Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers
Author:YANG Ting Ting, LIU Chen Geng, GAO Shi Chao, ZHANG Yi, and WANG Pei Chang page:87-96
Short Form of Weinstein Noise Sensitivity Scale (NSS-SF): Reliability, Validity and Gender Invariance among Chinese Individuals
Author:ZHONG Tao, CHUNG Pak-kwong, and LIU Jing Dong page:97-105
Serum Uric Acid is Associated with the Predicted Risk of Prevalent Cardiovascular Disease in a Community-dwelling Population without Diabetes
Author:CHENG Di, DU Rui, WU Xue Yan, LIN Lin, PENG Kui, MA Li Na, XU Yu, XU Min, CHEN Yu Hong, BI Yu Fang, WANG Wei Qing, DAI Meng, and LU Jie Li page:106-114
Potassium Bromate-induced Changes in the Adult Mouse Cerebellum Are Ameliorated by Vanillin
Author:Hajer Ben Saad, Dorra Driss, Imen Jaballi, Hanen Ghozzi, Ons Boudawara, Michael Droguet, Christian Magné, Monsef Nasri, Khaled Mounir Zeghal, Ahmed Hakim, and Ibtissem Ben Amara page:115-125
Bone Loss Induced by Simulated Microgravity, Ionizing Radiation and/or Ultradian Rhythms in the Hindlimbs of Rats
Author:ZHANG Ya Nan, SHI Wen Gui, LI He, HUA Jun Rui, FENG Xiu, WEI Wen Jun, WANG Ju Fang, HE Jin Peng, and LEI Su Wen page:126-135
Three-dimensional Culture of Human Airway Epithelium in Matrigel for Evaluation of Human Rhinovirus C and Bocavirus Infections
Author:CHEN Ya Xiong, XIE Guang Cheng, PAN Dong, DU Ya Rong, PANG Li Li, SONG Jing Dong, DUAN Zhao Jun, and HU Bu Rong page:136-145
Possible Transmission of Irkut Virus from Dogs to Humans
Author:CHEN Teng, MIAO Fa Ming, LIU Ye, ZHANG Shou Feng, ZHANG Fei, LI Nan, and HU Rong Liang page:146-148
Risk Factors for Prevalence of EnterotoxigenicEscherichia coli (ETEC) in Diarrheic and Non-diarrheic Neonatal and Weaner Pigs, South Africa
Author:Samuel T. Ogundare, Olubunmi G. Fasanmi, and Folorunso O. Fasina page:149-154
Evaluation of the Protective Efficacy of a Fused OmpK/Omp22 Protein Vaccine Candidate against Acinetobacter baumannii Infection in Mice
Author:GUO San Jun, REN Shan, and XIE Yong En page:155-158
Additive Benefits of Twice Forest Bathing Trips in Elderly Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
Author:MAO Gen Xiang, CAO Yong Bao, YANG Yan, CHEN Zhuo Mei, DONG Jian Hua, CHEN Sha Sha, WU Qing, LYU Xiao Ling, JIA Bing Bing, YAN Jing, and WANG Guo Fu page:159-162
Study on a New Ultraviolet Sterilizer to the Surface Disinfection of the Ultrasound Probe
Author:CHEN Gui Qiu, CHEN Yu Hao, YI Liang, YIN Jin, GAO Qiong, SONG Jiang Nan, LI Shi Kang, CHEN Pei Hou, and GUO Gui Ping page:163-167
The Olfactory Receptor Pseudo-pseudogene: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Human Diseases
Author:CHEN Zhe, HUANG Zhen, and CHEN Lin Xi page:168-170
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