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content: Articles-Current Issues
Author: page:Cover 12
Author: page:Contents 12
Vegetable and Fruit Consumption among Chinese Adults and Associated Factors: A Nationally Representative Study of 170,847 Adults
Author:LI Yi Chong, JIANG Bo, ZHANG Mei, HUANG Zheng Jing, DENG Qian, ZHOU Mai Geng, ZHAO Zhen Ping, WANG You Fa, and WANG Li Min page:863-874
Study on the Simultaneously Quantitative Detection for β-Lactoglobulin and Lactoferrin of Cow Milk by Using Protein Chip Technique
Author:YIN Ji Yong, HUO Jun Sheng, MA Xin Xin, SUN Jing, and HUANG Jian page:875-886
Association of Dietary Pattern during Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Prospective Cohort Study in Northern China
Author:DU Hong Yi, JIANG Hong, O Karmin, CHEN Bo, XU Lin Ji, LIU Shu Ping, YI Jian Ping, HE Geng Sheng, and QIAN Xu page:887-897
Association of α2A-Adrenergic Receptor Genetic Variants with Platelet Reactivity in Chinese Patients on Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Author:SONG Ying, TANG Xiao Fang, YAO Yi, HE Chen, XU Jing Jing, WANG Huan Huan, GAO Zhan, WANG Miao, and YUAN Jin Qing page:898-906
Characteristics of Long-term Nonprogressors and Viremia Controllers Infected with HIV-1 via Contaminated Blood Donations or Transfusions Conducted 20 Years Earlier
Author:LIU Jia, FAN Pan Ying, XUE Xiu Juan, YAN Jiang Zhou, SUN Guo Qing, LIU Chun Hua, TIAN Sui An, LI Ning, SUN Ding Yong, ZHU Qian, and WANG Zhe page:907-912
Estimating HIV Incidence Rates among MSM in an Urban Area of Chongqing Using Three Approaches
Author:HAN Mei, PAN Ping Liang, WU Guo Hui, ZHOU Chao, YAO Yuan, LUO Juan, ZOU Jing Bo, and ZHANG Bo page:913-916
Epidemiology of Measles Cases in South Darfur State, Sudan, 2011-2015
Author:TAHA Hussein Musa, REHAB Ibrahim Kambo, ABDELKAREEM Abdallah Ahmed, and HASSAN Hussein Musa page:917-921
Tea Consumption is Associated with Increased Risk of Kidney Stones in Northern Chinese: A Cross-sectional Study
Author:WU Zhong Biao, JIANG Tian, LIN Guo Bing, WANG You Xin, ZHOU Yong, CHEN Zhen Qian, XU Yong Ming, YE Hai Bo, CHEN Bo Jun, BAO Xiao Zhao, and ZHANG Cun Ming page:922-926
Real-time Assessment of Cytosolic, Mitochondrial, and Nuclear Calcium Levels Change in Rat Pheochromocytoma Cells during Pulsed Microwave Exposure Using a Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicator
Author:HU Shao Hua, WANG Hui, LU Li, ZHOU Hong Mei, WANG Chang Zhen, GAO Ya Bing, DONG Ji, and PENG Rui Yun page:927-931
Effects of Maternal Marginal Iodine Deficiency on Interactions between Cerebellar Bergmann Glia Cells and Purkinje Cells in Rat Offspring
Author:YU Ye, DONG Jing, WANG Yuan, WANG Yi, MIN Hui, SHAN Zhong Yan, TENG Wei Ping, and CHEN Jie page:932-937
Up- and Down-regulated Leukemia-related Protein 16 Affects ERα Expression and Prolactin Secretion by GH3 Cells
Author:SU Xing, WU Zhi Qiang, YANG Xiao Jiang, WANG An Ping, ZHAO Kun, WU Tao Guang, SUN Yi, SUN Jie, CHANG Zheng Yao, GUO Xiao Yong, GUO Qing Hua, and MU Yi Ming page:938-942
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