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  Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 1988-2012



  biomedical and environmental sciences

  Emphasizing Scientific Data and Information on China



  Biomedical and Environmental Sciences is an international journal with special emphasis on scientific data and information on preventive medicine from China, publishes regular articles, review articles, and important reports dealing with biologic and toxic effects of natural or synthetic chemical pollutants, drugs, and physical agents on human, plants, and animals, and epidemiology, virology, parasitology and nutrition, including:


  The epidemiology, pathogens, and prevention on communicable diseases, including bacterial, viral, parasitic diseases

  The relationship between environmental pollutants and contaminants to their ecological and ecotoxicological effects, the entry, transport, and fate of natural and anthropogenic chemicals in the biosphere and their impact on human health

  Food consumption and nutrition status, physiological function and health effect of nutrients, food ingredients

  Food contaminants and toxicology


  Biomedical and Environmental Sciences (for short, BES) has been winning approval since it started publication. Subscriber and reader include Swets Blackwell BV, Elsevier Bibliographic Databases, and National Library of Medicine of the United States, etc. We offer flexible subscription ways and comprehensive issues of BES journal including current and past issues. Hope BES becomes a good teacher and helpful friend in your daily life.





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