Volume 35 Issue 9
Sep.  2022
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Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative[J]. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 2022, 35(9): 872-873. doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113
Citation: Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative[J]. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 2022, 35(9): 872-873. doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113

Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative

doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113
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Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative

doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113
Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative[J]. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 2022, 35(9): 872-873. doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113
Citation: Exercise for Health Suzhou Initiative[J]. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 2022, 35(9): 872-873. doi: 10.3967/bes2022.113
  • It is necessary to move forward the health threshold, and establish a new model of the coordination of sports, health and other government departments and the participation of the whole society. The "Healthy China - Exercise for Health Summit Forum" was held in Suzhou on August 20, 2022, which was led by Professor Li Guo Ping, the chairman of Chinese Exercise Rehabilitation Medical Education,Professor Ao Ying Fang, the chairman of the Sports Medical Doctor Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and Professor Chen Shi Yi, the chairman of Chinese Society of Sports Medicine, and organized by Jiangsu Sports Health Promotion Association and the Affiliated Suzhou Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. The forum organized leaders and experts from domestic industries and professional fields to make full preparations and make serious speeches on how to deeply understand and implement the spirit of the instructions. It was agreed that hospital administrators should be given an initiative to comprehensively promote the exploration and practice of the new model of exercise for health from the following three aspects.

    1. Keep healthy

    The health threshold should be learned from the perspective of the whole life and the whole population. ‘Exercise is medicine’ also should be popularized in hospitals.

    (1) Let people develop exercise habits and promote health by themselves

    People are the first responsible person of their health. The human body has its own repair and immune abilities. When a person is healthy, he should develop the habit of scientific exercise to prevent chronic diseases. It is necessary to cultivate interest and learn skills in sport to start with children.

    (2) Let the public live longer and enjoy a healthy life

    No sickness, less sickness, good health, and full of energy are the common pursuit and dream of the public. We have to build an ideal environment for exercise, provide scientific exercise guidance, advocate a healthy lifestyle, and let the public enjoy a healthy quality of life.

    (3) Let diseases affect life less and improve the quality of life

    The decline or disappearance of motor ability is the most common and most easily overlooked disease sign or complication, which is the end of health. Therefore, we should stick to "function priority" as the most basic concept of clinical medical work. Try to maintain the ability to walk or exercise as much as possible, even if you have a disease. Let exercise prescription technology become the basic skill of medical personnel, popularize sports rehabilitation to the whole process of disease, and get more patients moving.

    2. Promote the cooperation of sports and health

    We should develop innovative thinking and actively cooperate with sports and other government departments to ensure success in the nationwide fitness program.

    (1) Integration, collaboration and creating more integrated organizations

    All of departments in hospital are advised to innovate the working mechanism, promote the integration of ideas, personnel and departments, and establish various academic organizations, associations, joint mechanisms, and comprehensive platforms, etc., in order to form an organization and working mechanism for the integration of sports and health.

    (2) Independent coordination, giving play to advantages and complementing weaknesses

    The sports and health departments each shoulder important social administrative functions, and their administrative resources are different, so they should pay more attention to complement the weaknesses while playing their advantages. Medical personnel generally lack the theory and practice of sports science, and their ability to prevent and treat sports injuries needs to be improved. It is suggested to strengthen professional training and learning, and encourage the establishment of sports promotion health hospitals, communities, and guidance stations, etc., to meet the growing demand of the people for sports and fitness guidance.

    (3) Cooperate and integrate health into all policies

    Healthy top-level structure design affects all aspects of people's life. The integration of sports and health, and the coordination of all government departments, integrate the concept of sports promoting health into all policies. It is suggested that the competent scientific research department should set up projects to encourage universities, research institutes, sports and health institutions to jointly conduct research on sports and health promotion.

    3. Participation of the whole society

    To participate in sports to promote health together with organizations at all levels of society.

    (1) Promote appropriate technologies

    Innovation and promotion of active health appropriate technologies such as exercise prescription and exercise rehabilitation are conducive to ensuring the sustainable development of national fitness and forming a new fashion of sports health. We should encourage the application of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and other enabling technologies.

    (2) Attach importance to science popularization

    We should actively publicize the science movement. Improper movement and excessive exercise, like lack of exercise, affect and limit the establishment and promotion of the concept of “exercise for health”. We will encourage public welfare publicity and education for popular science

    (3) Create a social atmosphere

    Make full use of various indoor and outdoor environments for national fitness; develop various instruments and equipment that are conducive to ensuring the national fitness campaign; participate in all kinds of leisure, competition and other activities conducive to the development of the national fitness campaign; and provide a variety of training and security services conducive to the development of the national fitness campaign.

    (HAO Yue Feng, The Affiliated Suzhou Hospital of Nanjing Medical University)



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